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  • LORI KESICK (Thursday, December 21 23 08:55 pm EST)

    Courtney was so helpful selling 3 saddles for me in under 6 months. When I advertised them online it took years to sell. One saddle she sold was on consignment with another company for 2 years. Super communication before during and after the sales. Pays quickly and is a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much Courtney!

  • Sara Bennett (Sunday, August 06 23 09:42 pm EDT)

    I've had the pleasure of working with Courtney for over a year now with saddle fitting, sales and maintenance.
    Long story short, I ended up deciding to go with a custom Takt saddle for my new horse due to his unique conformation (short back, wide shoulders, etc.) There was no pressure when she came out- I had originally intended to have her refit a current saddle to my new horse, but it was clear he was way more comfortable in something different. She has been so helpful, patient, and knowledgeable through the entire process. She clearly understands and prioritizes biomechanics and anatomy of horse and rider, which of course means that the welfare of the horse is paramount- something very important to me personally and professionally.
    We had some glitches with the custom saddle order (economy and supply due to COVID- not her or company) and she was so patient and still gave the best customer service throughout. And, she was able to sell my old saddle on consignment for me at a very fair price.
    I am sooooo happy with my saddle, and so is my horse. Other folks at my barn have seen her work with us, and heard my experience and have moved to work with her as well, with positive results. I am so happy with CV Dressage and will definitely continue to work with her and recommend her!

  • Kaitlin Harrington (Tuesday, May 02 23 09:23 pm EDT)

    Courtney is fantastic. She has kept my young horses happy with her saddle fittings. My entire herd (and I) benefit greatly from her Pemf treatments. Courtney's knowledge and analysis of saddle fit and horse biomechanics and nutrition is an incredible asset to my training programs and I would highly recommend her for her services. She's pointed out some issues on my horses that even working with them every day, I hadn't seen and she truly has the horses best interests at heart. I definitely recommend Courtney!

  • Laura Childs McAliley (Monday, May 01 23 09:38 pm EDT)

    Courtney has worked with multiple horses and saddles for us! She is always knowledgeable, professional, and accomodating! Her recomendations and work improve the comfort and performance ability of our horse and daughter (her rider). She actively shares information and is genuinely interested in helping ensure the safest and healthiest riding experience possible. She is a valuable part of our equine care team! I highly recomend her services!

  • Haden Frame (Monday, May 01 23 09:36 pm EDT)

    Courtney is absolutely awesome to work with! She is very patient and fun to be around with both horse and rider. She is truly passionate about her PEMF work AND her saddle fitting. I will always recommend her first to anyone! Always a pleasure to have her out! Communication is great and she’s very professional.
    5 stars every time.

  • Karen Hahn (Tuesday, December 08 20 10:26 am EST)

    I also can't say enough good things about Courtney's skills. In just a few months she's helped me work through what seemed like an intractable issue with my mare's canter transitions. I really never thought it would happen.
    We have improved so much! We used to leap into the canter and then careen around the arena. Now we are working on walk - canter -walk transitions and contemplating changes!!
    Courtney is patient, insightful, encouraging and never judgmental. She does give me a kick when I need it, but never in a way that is not constructive. New horse shopping, I was able to apply what I've learned from Courtney to be able to ride some rather challenging horses. I feel so fortunate to have her working with us!

  • Sharon Leveille (Monday, September 28 20 07:49 pm EDT)

    I went through the saddle fitting/buying process with Courtney Vesel and Takt saddlery. Courtney was very kind, personable and professional from start to finish. I have a very sensitive backed mare, who has a fairly difficult confirmation to fit. Courtney thought out of the box and working very closely with the saddle makers at Takt, built my horse a saddle that was impossible for me to find "off the shelf". I have a gorgeous, totally custom saddle at an affordable price considering the exquisite quality.

  • Jamila (Thursday, April 02 20 12:24 am EDT)

    Courtney came out to show me Takt saddles, she was professional, polite and took all the time I needed. Purchased a custom Takt saddle and my horse and I love it!! Wonderful business women, horsewoman, and person in general. Highly recommended her!

  • Lydia Woodson (Friday, January 17 20 12:21 am EST)

    It was actually fate that Courtney came to teach us. One of our boarders won a door prize at the NCDCTA gala that she contributed and the rest has been history.
    We've gone to a few rated shows and out-performed our expectations.
    Courtney sees the human and horse body interactions and how to fix what isn't working. She will also do training rides which can help her identify the horse's challenges.
    Courtney pushes you and your horse to excel, but also listens to your concerns.
    I never thought my draft horse would be schooling 2nd level but he is happy and absorbing all the new movements. I had been stuck at Training in the past and really thought 1st was for over-achievers, but we are doing it! Reality.. I am the slow one.. not Ar.
    I have to say the best thing about Courtney is she loves every horse she works with. They don't have to be impeccably bred to get her praise. She finds diamonds in all the horses she trains.

  • Robin (Thursday, December 12 19 11:51 am EST)

    Courtney did a saddle fitting for me recently and I super appreciate her thoroughness! She spent a LOT of time with me getting the perfect fit. She is fun and honest and my horse and I are both happy with her saddle fitting skills!

  • Elizabeth Mccray Rigsbee (Sunday, August 05 18 06:20 pm EDT)

    After 10 years of taking time off of riding, I found Courtney on facebook and I went to watch her teach a lessson and was blown away. She take the time to get to know people and not only she is a great trainer, she is a GREAT friend. I can not say enough about her!

  • Anna Williams (Wednesday, December 13 17 06:37 pm EST)

    I cannot say enough good things about how wonderful my experience has been with CV Dressage! I went to go test ride a horse with my trainer, and family. From the moment we stepped in the stable, we were met with unparalleled professionalism, kindness, and honesty. The stable itself was beautiful, organized, and everybody we encountered were welcoming and SO friendly! The horse himself was the horse of my dreams. I made an offer on the horse, and once it was accepted, the purchase process was smooth, and uncomplicated thanks to all of Courtney's hard-work and dedication to us! I cannot recommend Courtney enough for her professionalism, honesty, knowledge as a trainer. Than you for the undivided attention to ensure every step of the way, everything from the first inquiry of Luchador to the final purchase of him, was uncomplicated and easy! THANK YOU for the horse of my DREAMS!

  • LJ Toler (Wednesday, February 15 17 08:22 pm EST)

    I found Courtney to be a patient and thorough teacher, and yet she gave me a kick in the behind when I needed one. She is very knowledgeable in the ways of dressage and horse care. I recommend her!

  • Launi Masterson (Wednesday, February 08 17 10:36 pm EST)

    I found Courtney through a referral from a friend. I hadn't ridden regularly in almost 20 years, I had tried a couple of other teachers, but nothing stuck. Other teachers were going through the motions and clearly not interested in teaching an adult student. When I met Courtney, she was honest, free of judgement and open to helping me reach my goals as a rider. She was also interested in helping me reach them. Courtney tailored her teaching style to match my learning style, she explained things well and made me use my brain and not just my body. Courtney doesn't tell me what to do and when to do it, she provides coaching so that I can figure it out, and she is patient while I do this. Courtney has helped me recover my confidence as a rider and the joy I have always felt around horses. I have only known Courtney for a short time, but she is the real deal - her heart is in the right place, she cares about her horses and those of her clients, and she cares about her clients. I feel lucky to have found Courtney and I can't imagine working with another teacher and I hope I never have to!!

  • Adrienne Wisenberg (Wednesday, February 08 17 10:35 pm EST)

    Courtney and I met when she came to try my sale horse, and what I noticed about her right away was her composure. No matter what the horse or the circumstances threw at her, she was calm and professional. Later, when my FEI mare developed two serious health conditions at the same time, I needed a place offering comprehensive care and rehab. I entrusted my mare to Courtney and today, the mare is looking and feeling great. Courtney is assisting me in bringing my mare back into work, and I'm so pleased with the progress. Without reservation, I recommend Courtney.

  • Andrea Kottong (Friday, February 03 17 01:44 pm EST)

    My daughter (12) and I both take hunter/jumper lessons from Courtney and we could not have a better teacher. She has a positive approach to teaching that has engaged even my sensitive daughter. Her style is encouraging and really helps you think through the reasoning behind the ask. Her dressage skills help us on the flat and she has enough of a background in hunt/jump to effectively teach us there as well. Best of all, I look forward to every lesson because I learn so much!

  • Jaime Daly (Friday, January 27 17 01:19 pm EST)

    I love that Courtney's teaching isn't based just on the appearance of the right outline...a pretty picture. She helps you to understand how and why a horse moves the way it does, and how to effectively improve that movement. She's been instrumental in getting my sensitive, quirky, reactive OTTB mare to relax and listen, and WORK. While getting this jumper/foxhunter/eventer to ride like a DQ queen is a bit of a challenge, I have been more than pleased with my progress as well as my horses progress. I can't recommend Courtney enough...for anyone wanting to show, to work on position, or just to work on a balanced harmony with your horse, she will teach with your goals in mind.

  • Lucy Schreuer (Friday, January 27 17 10:19 am EST)

    I responded to an ad that Courtney had posted on Facebook - she was helping to sell a horse for a friend. This horse turned out to be a full sister to Courtney's horse. Based on the photos/videos that she sent me of her horse, and the conversations that I had with her over the phone - I put a deposit on the horse for sale - sight unseen. Although I had never met Courtney - I trusted her right away. She was professional, honest and I could tell that she had a lot of integrity. Thank goodness I trusted my instincts. I love my horse, and would not have pursued the purchase if not for Courtney. I hope some day to meet her in person. THANK YOU Courtney.

  • Kristin Eiffert (Wednesday, December 07 16 07:53 pm EST)

    I have so far only taken one riding lesson with Courtney, but I feel like I have learned SO MUCH. She loves it when you have questions and don't understand something fully. I love that she incorporates different knowledge about horses into a lesson. Not just how good of a rider you can be, but understanding how you move in tandem with the horse. My favorite teacher by far! Thank you Courtney!!

  • Lauren G (Sunday, August 07 16 11:21 pm EDT)

    Courtney did an excellent job putting a good flatwork foundation on my sensitive OTTB mare. She was very patient and the amount if improvement I saw in my horse was amazing. I felt very comfortable
    leaving my horse in her care and she was very helpful in not only working on my horse's problems, but also making sure I knew how to address her issues and why certain things worked. I highly
    recommend her to anyone!

  • Janice Laube (Wednesday, August 03 16 09:25 pm EDT)

    In a matter of a few weeks, Courtney was able to bond with my high profile mare and then proceed to qualify her for regionals at a rated show. She is amazing as well as an outstanding instructor
    giving me lessons on a somewhat difficult TB making them challenging and helping both me and my horse end in a great note.

  • Bronwyn C. (Wednesday, December 09 15 02:43 pm EST)

    After 5 short months under Courtney’s instruction, there has been a vast improvement in my riding. Lessons are thorough, varied, and challenging and she always makes sure to end on a positive note,
    so that I come away feeling like I have truly accomplished something. I highly recommend Courtney for anyone wanting to improve balance and confidence!

  • CaritaZ. Braun (Saturday, November 14 15 11:13 am EST)

    Courtney Vesel has taught me so much about horses! She also is a fantastic teacher ~ kind, patient and breaks things down so they are easy to 'put back together'. Her attitude is a great plus in our
    lessons. She builds confidence and obviously loves her job ~ thank you Courtney ~ you are wonderful, not just as a teacher, but also as a person!!

  • Allie (Wednesday, July 22 15 06:18 pm EDT)

    We were thrilled with the clip job you did on our yearling. Professional job and took your time to make sure the filly had a great experience! Highly recommend!

  • Pam Wexler (Thursday, February 05 15 11:37 am EST)

    Courtney is among the top quality professionals who effectively addresses the needs of the horse as well as the rider. Great communication skills, she explains not just 'how' but 'why'.
    Her lessons include lots of variety, interesting excercises and building blocks necessary to develop the equestrian partnership which is really what makes a great rider. I especially appreciate her
    sense of integrity and genuine caring. She's special in every way and we are fortunate to have her in our area.

  • Sarah Harper (Monday, January 26 15 10:05 am EST)

    Courtney came to my farm for an introductory dressage clinic. We had a blast! Her teaching style was tailored to each rider and horse, no matter their level of experience. She was very patient with
    everyone, and we all learned quite a bit. We've got lots of homework, and we can't wait until she can come back again!

  • Sue Ventrice (Monday, October 06 14 10:21 pm EDT)

    I have been taking lessons from Courtney over the past 2 months and I am so thrilled what she taught me and my horse, Alfie. I wish I had a before video to compare my riding. Thank you Courtney..,you
    gave Alfie and I a new goal.

"Courtney is a wonderful teacher who is calm and patient. She has a great understanding of how the rider affects the horse's way of going and can communicate well with the rider on appropriate corrections. She helped both my horse and I begin our dressage career - her excitement about the sport is contagious!"
Karen Neal 

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