Independent Saddle Fitting

Saddle Fitting Prices

*I fit and flock any brand of saddle*

 Saddle Fitting Evaluation- $100

                Each saddle fitting evaluation will be tailored to each horse and their needs. Each evaluation will take about an hour and a half. 


                 - Static conformation and posture analysis 

                 -Evaluation of movement in hand

                - General palpation of muscles to help evaluate areas of soreness

                - Tracing and measurements of their back to help evaluate saddle fit

                - Discussion of horses history, current job, strengths, and weaknesses   

                - Discussion of what rider is feeling and their thoughts on the saddle                        -Checking current saddle for fit and any flaws/needed                            repairs/adjustments

                -Evaluation of movement under saddle (HELMET REQUIRED)

                - Professional recommendation on next step for current saddle or                recommendation for other saddles if needed 

                 - $40 additional per additional horse/saddle owned by same owner


Saddle Flocking- 

         Onsite flocking after evaluation- $50 /saddle

              High quality Jacobs wool or white wool is used for all wool-flocked saddles

         Complete reflock-$300

               -Requires the panels to be dropped and several hours of work. 

              - Recommended every 3-4 years                                                               Turnaround time is approximately one week, but can vary. Please check with Courtney on a more accurate turnaround time per saddle. 


Billet replacement- $150/4 or $225/6

         Due to the nature of billets, all 4 will be replaced even if only one needs it for safety reasons.  

          Turnaround time is approximately one week, but can vary. Please check with Courtney on a more accurate turnaround time. 

         -Please contact for pricing if panels have to be dropped to replace billets.

         - Additional charge will apply if webbing has to be replaced or if there are rivets involved. 



******PLEASE NOTE*******


*****First flocking adjustment on your new full price bespoke-made Takt saddle is always FREE. This does not apply to saddles purchased at a discount.*****


***The travel fee will still be owed with your first free reflock***


***The travel fee will apply for all deliveries further than one hour from 27215***


Please contact for pricing if you have multiple horses/ multiple saddles.






 Please reach out to Courtney to schedule your demo of Takt Saddlery or Ikonic Saddlery. Flexible time options. Happy to come out for  indivdiuals  or barns. Please visit the websites below for more       details about each individual company.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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