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CV Dressage is currently accepting saddles on consignment. Our Consignment Fee is 15%. Please see form below. 


CV Dressage Saddle Consignment Form for Seller 2024
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CV Dressage Saddle Consignment Form for Buyer 2024
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Looking for a new saddle?

We carry a wide variety of saddles in all price ranges and brands. I'm happy to bring several to your barn for you to try or ship it directly to you! 


All saddles come with a 3 day trial. This trial does not start until the day after arrival, so you *technically* get an extra day! 


All saddles must be paid for in full to take out on trial. Shipping and any applicable 'goods and services' fees are the responsibility of the client and are non refundable. Saddle price is refundable in full- NO RESTOCKING FEE- upon the return of the saddle in the same condition as how it left. 


I accept Venmo G&S with the 2% fee, Venmo F&F, and checks. 


See a saddle you're interested in? Please fill out the 'contact us' form or email. 


Have a saddle you would like to consign? 

  • I take almost any type of english/saddle seat saddle. At this time, I do not take western or endurance saddles. I will NOT take foam flocked saddles that have 2 different panels. 
  • Saddles must not have a twisted or broken tree, or any structural damage. Cosmetic damage is fine but must be priced appropriately. 
  • Any damaged billets must be replaced before putting on consignment. I am happy to do this, cost starts at $150 for 4 billets. 
  • Saddles must have even and fresh flocking. If saddle needs to be balance flocked, a $50 charge will apply that will be owed before saddle is listed. 
  • My fee is 15% of sale price. I do have a minimum fee of $100 per saddle. 
  • If you remove the saddle from consignment, there will be a $75 stocking fee payable before saddle leaves my possession. This fee covers time spent advertising as well as cleaning. 
  • CV Dressage and/or Courtney Vesel-Seha are not responsible for loss or damage due to shipping, theft, vandalism, accident, fire/flood, or any act of nature 
  • Normal gentle wear and tear is to be expected

If you have a saddle you'd like to consign, please email. 



Current Consignment List

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SOLD Consignment Saddles

SOLD- Beer Tap "Eros"

For your consideration- UNICORN
Beer Tap "Eros"
2006 Gelding
16.1 hands
Thoroughbred but does NOT behave like one.
Quiet quiet quiet! Kick/stick/spur type ride. I'm not even kidding. If you want something that doesn't care if you get off balance, this is the horse for you. If you are looking for something that is forward, he is not for you. You have to tell him what to do every stride. He will do exactly what you ask, no more.
Bombproof, has never put a foot wrong. Ring is next to a busy road and the barn dog/minis are nuts!
Schooling up to 3rd level dressage. *Has not shown above first, needs more fitness and work to show 2nd/3rd*. Leg yields and shoulder in are easy.
Complete packer up to 2'6". BIG jump, tons of scope. So much fun to jump! Keeps an even tempo before and after the jump, does not rush.
Auto changes. Just point his nose where you want him to go and he will change. He respects the spur if used correctly, but since the changes are so auto if you poke him with the inside spur at the canter he will try to change.
Goes in a snaffle, has ridden in a double
Trail rides
Same horse off property.
He is a horse that you can go show and then your kid can go show or hack around.
Needs 4 shoes with pads- non negotiable. Very thin soles.
Hocks Injected for the first time June 2020.
Currently out 24/7. Lives in a mixed herd. Can also live in a stall.
Sweet horse, loves his peppermints.
Will pass a PPE. (Passed one in Nov 2020)
No lease.
? Because he is well schooled and has many buttons, he demands you ask him correctly. You can put him on the buckle and he will pack you around happily. But if you want to RIDE him and school the upper level movements, he will tell you how to do so. This means you can NOT pull on the inside rein. (He will stop.) If you dig your spurs in and close your knees, he will get tight. If you smack him with the crop, he will kick out at your leg as he is insulted. If you use it correctly, kindly, and timed right, he will respond as he should. He is very much a seat ride for the buttons. He is a fantastic schoolmaster for this reason.
He will be HAPPIEST in a lower level hunter home. 2'-2'3". This is where he is the most confident and will rack up blues for you.
I have not taken him cross country schooling but there is no reason why he couldn't do it with a few schooling rides from your trainer. Please be prepared to bring your trainer!
He seems to connect VERY well with teenagers. Yes, he is 15. Yes, he is sound. No, he is not too old. Every teen that has ridden him has loved him.
He needs a new home ASAP. Current lessors are looking for a new horse so he needs to go. I am 100% honest about this horse and NO idea why he is still here.
I keep getting asked why is he still here: Here are some scenarios we have run into.
1) Potential buyer decides they aren't ready to buy.
2) He is lazy.
3) Parents want something younger
4) Rider didn't connect with him on their first ride. (He takes a bit to get used to. lots of fun to ride but he will NOT give you his all on your first ride.)
5) He is too tall. (Height is stated in ad!)
6) They didn't realize he is 15. (Age is stated in ad!)
7) Long lost relative has died so can no longer come try him.
8) He makes you work.
9) He is well over budget. (After I disclosed price before they came.)
No, I will not take $10,000 for him. No, he is not for lease. No, I will NOT do a trial.


First Level Test 2 66%: 


First Level Test 3 64% :


Over Fences:


Beginner ride:


Catch Ride at a show with amateur rider:


13 year old advanced beginner/intermediate rider jumping him for the first time:


Proudly offered for your consideration! Duende is a 2014 registered half Andalusian (other half Belgian Warmblood mix) mare, 15.1 hands. Sire is Regaton RGW and Dam is Mona Lisa. Adorable, sound, sane, no vices! Floaty, balanced, powerful movement. "Pixie" is sweet as can be and brave with new situations. She is schooling training level dressage. Carries herself quite well, can go on the buckle or on the bit. Has a solid understanding of the outside rein, soft in the bridle, learning about leg yields and shoulder in.  Has a self propelled motor but has great breaks. Went to her first show at Raleigh Summer Dressage, you would have never known it was her first show. Schooled quietly, brave, not bothered by anything. 65+% at Intro B and a 69.9% in her breed class for a win. Loves to trail ride, has schooled cross country, brave to jumps with great form. Fast learner, very easy keeper, barefoot with great feet. Fabulous prospect for an ambititous dressage rider or eventer, could also be a good broodmare or trail horse if you so desire. SAFE for AA or Junior rider to bring along but needs a confident rider to bring her to her full potential. Full siblings have all shown a good brain with movement to match. Asking $19,500 but NEED GONE before December 1, so open to all offers.  



 Video- September 2018-


Contact Courtney Vesel for more info.


Located in Wake Forest, NC


      SOLD-Moves Like Jagger

Moves Like Jagger (Mickey) is a 16 year old (6/3/2002) OTTB gelding. He is 16 hands and flea bitten grey. He has experience in eventing and successfully jumped at the novice height. After time off due to no fault of his own, Mickey was brought back into dressage only. He has been retrained by a 15 year old rider up to training level Dressage, and has his flying lead changes when consistently working on them. 3 great gaits with a lovely overstride at the walk. Safe, sound, no buck/bolt/rear, but quick in the canter so needs a confident rider. Super sweet, no vices, easy keeper for a TB. Loves to play ball with his pasture buddy. Same horse on or off property. Located in Wake Forest, NC. Priced at $3500 neg.


      SOLD- Godiva

Now offered for your consideration! Godiva is a 2013 Andalusian cross mare registered with the IALHA. I can't say enough good things about this mare! Not one bit marish in hand or under saddle. Very sweet and will do anything for her "person". Talented enough for a professional, quiet enough for an AA or Jr/YR to bring along. Diva was started in August 2017 and has not once offered to do anything naughty. Zero buck, rear, bolt, and virtually bombproof. Not bothered with loud noises, activity, horses leaving or entering the arena, being ridden right at her, etc. Stood on a tarp while I flapped it around her and she stood there essentially ground tied half asleep. She is going w/t/c under saddle and has been free jumped. Good form over fences! Fantastic ground manners, lunges great, ground drives. I've taken her on "trail rides" around my farm and pastures but haven't taken her on an actual trail ride yet. As unflappable as she is, I expect zero issues. Rides in a snaffle. Barefoot with spectacular feet. Zero vices. Never taken an off step. Turned out in a group. No maintenance, supplements, etc. Current on everything. Stands around 15.2 hands and big bodied so she's a lovely ride! Smooth trot and easiest horse ever. If you're looking for the perfect horse to show dressage and ride up the levels, trail ride, jump, or do whatever you want, Diva is your girl! 


Diva is currently being leased out on site but is still offered for sale.

Located in Wake Forest, NC.
Asking $15,000.

Please email or pm to set up a time to come see her!


 Now offered for your consideration! Luchador is a 5 year old Andalusian Cross gelding standing 16 hands and hopefully done growing. He is a complete golden unicorn! Technically champange with his pink skin, he will turn every single head anywhere you go with his stunning looks and movement! Registered as a half andalusian with the IALHA. Luchador was lightly started in the fall of 2016, given the winter off to mature, had a month of riding in April 2017 and has been in professional dressage training since May. Luchador has 3 great gaits, is foward thinking, and responsive to the leg and seat without being overly sensitive. He is schooling training level and playing with leg yields and has a green change. Loves to jump! He has free jumped 3'3" and shown an extravagent amount of scope and bravery. He is jumping 2'3' under saddle and is very bold, has never refused, knocked a jump, or run out.  He loves to hack out as well! No buck, rear, or bolt. Due to his age, only being under saddle for 8 months, and powerful movement, he is not for a beginner or a timid rider. Luchador is a love bug in the barn, loves praise and attention, has perfect ground manners, ties, loads, stands for vet/farrier.  Will stand all day to be braided and fussed on. BAREFOOT! Zero maintenance and supplements, lives on hay, grass, and 1 scoop Nutrena SafeChoice Perform grain a day. He walks over tarps no problem, loves to shake it around, and is such a quick learner-he is currently learning the spanish walk.  I could see him exceling as an eventer, jumper, or pure dressage. For sale to approved home only.


Priced at $20,000.




Please contact Courtney Vesel for more info and to schedule a ride.

(919) 607-1883




   SOLD!- Hombre en la Luna

                                SOLD WITHIN 3 HOURS OF POSTING HIS AD!

Proudly offered for your consideration! Hombre is a 6 year old Andalusian cross gelding standing around 16.3 hands. If you're looking for your unicorn, here he is! Safe, sane, and gorgeous to boot, he has everything you are looking for. Started slowly and correctly, one owner since birth (bred and raised by the same owner.) He is registerd with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association Half-Andalusian Registry. Hombre is going walk/trot/canter, is very responsive to leg and seat without being overly sensitive, can hack along quietly or amp up the gaits when requested for the discerning rider. He has been trail ridden up and down the mountains of West Virginia so he loves to hack out. Loves to jump! Never taken a lame step in his life. Perfect ground manners, ties, loads, bathes. No vices or bad habits under saddle. No prep needed. Easy keeper. Hombre is AA or young rider safe with the talent for a professional. Has started learning the spanish walk, very quick learner! He would excel in the dressage ring but I could see him eventing as well. Hombre is being offered at 16k, owner negotiable to the perfect home. Hombre will be going to the Capital Dressage Classic in Raleigh on June 3rd as a non-compete, see him there! 


Video taken 5/18/17


Sire: Regaton RGW

Dam: Mona Lisa


For more information and to schedule a visit to come try him, please contact Courtney Vesel- or call or text (919) 607-1883. 



SOLD- Diesel

Diesel is a 2011 Hanoverian Gelding by Donar Weiss GGF out of Blyss (Bolero). Pushing 16 hands, this horse has all the looks, power, agility, and personality you could ever ask for. Started in late November 2015.  He has been professionally started in dressage but shows a real talent and love for the hunter/jumper ring. Big movement in a compact package, easy to sit, agile, and powerful. First over fences photo is his second time ever over fences. He has the scope for the jumper ring and the form for the hunters. He recently learned his flying changes and they will soon be automatic. Since he has had a dressage foundation, he could possibly be a fantastic eventer. Scores in the mid 60's to 70's at USEF/USDF Dressage shows in Materiale and Intro. Diesel is for a confident, experienced rider only as he is still considered green and can have "young horse moments".  Please do not contact me about him if you are looking for a confidence builder or packer or can't ride more than 4x a week.  Due to his late start he can be pushy and believes he is an alpha at times, so needs someone to be HIS alpha. He is a barn favorite, demands daily hugs, and loves to steal your baseball cap. Ties, loads, stands for vet/farrrier, etc. No vices other than he eats anything left in his reach. Sadly for sale. Located in Wake Forest, NC. Asking 15k firm. Contact Courtney for more info-,

Dressage video:

Jump video:

Most Recent:

           SOLD- Fiona                             

Bonnie Blue "Fiona" is a 13 year old 13.2 3/4 hand grey Welsh x mare. Absolutely adorable! Fiona has been a pasture pet for most of her life. Bought for her owners kids to ride but they have shown no interest in the past few years. I recently bought her to use in my lesson program, however, she has too much of a motor for the kids that can fit on her, and is too small to carry the adults that can handle her. 3 good gaits, cute jump! She would be a great lower level dressage horse, jumper, or hunter with time. She is not for a beginner due to the motor and she does not like to stand still at the beginning of a ride. Kids can lead, groom, handle on the ground. She has not bucked, bolted, or reared while with me, I can't speak for what she was like prior to coming to me. Nice mare with very low wear that just needs a person to give her time. Had someone come try her for gymkhana type gaming, she didn't bat an eye with what they were doing with her. She lives out 24/7, easy keeper, barefoot. Is a hard loader and does not clip. Prefers to straight tie rather than cross tie. 


 SOLD- Nik of Time


Looking for a SOLID first level horse that is schooling second and third and is FUN to ride? Look no further!!! Nikki is a 14 year young registered Swedish Warmblood/Arabian cross bay mare, 14.3 hands. By Baltic Sundance! Rides and looks like a warmblood in a small body. Forward but responsive and sane, this hony has 3 FABULOUS gaits, is soft in your hand and did I mention FUN!? Easy extentions and lateral movements. Loves to trail ride, ex-eventer and would love to jump occasionally.  Very sweet, not marish. Not for a beginner as she gets her confidence from the rider but would be PERFECT for a young teen to learn and win on.  Loads, clips, bathes, ties, etc. Nikki is in professional training and a barn favorite! Eligible for half-Arabian classes. Take her all the way to Nationals! Video and more pictures coming soon. Nikki is available for lease immediately and will be available for sale in 2017. Lease terms negotiable. Sadly offered for sale as owner is in college.   Priced in the 10-15k range

 LEASED!-  Fina

FOR ON SITE LEASE! Fina is a drop dead gorgeous friesian cross mare looking for someone to ride her a couple of times a week. She is sweet, has great ground manners, and is safe, but she is only 4 years old. Fina has been in dressage training for the past few months and is broke w/t/c but is still fairly green at the canter. She is so much fun to ride and extremely willing. Loves to trail ride! Fina was taken to her first show the other week and blew us out of the water! She won both of her Intro classes easily, with scores of 69% and 70%. She acted like she lived there, zero spook, calm, absolutely a dream to show. Due to her age, we are looking for a confident, experienced rider to lease her. She is boarded at C&C Stables in Louisburg. Please pm or email for more details about this gem. Lease price is $100/month for 2 rides a week.

 Roza Belle "Roz"- SOLD

Roza Belle "Roz" is looking for her next partner! Roz is a 2009 big-bodied 17.1 hand bay Oldenburg Mare. Sired by Rosenthal and out of Dallina, this mare has the looks and the talent to stand out in any crowd! She loves to cuddle and has great ground manners. Not marish at all. She has a history in the hunter ring, has jumped 2'9", and has been trained and competed in lower level dressage, currently schooling first level. She will also make a great broodmare. Roz was out of work for a few months but is back in full dressage training with Courtney Vesel at CV Dressage for the past couple of months. Roz has 3 lovely gaits, is very light in the hand, uncomplicated, and JR/YR/AA friendly. Smooth as can be and sane! Absolutely no prep is needed for this horse- rode off on the buckle in cold wind and numerous distractions/noises for the first ride in months. Easy keeper, eats less than your shetland pony, but does require special shoeing. Xrays and additional information are available upon request. Loads, clips, bathes, etc. A good home is a must! I believe she will be happiest and the most successful either teaching, or as a partner to someone who just wants to have fun, enjoy their horse, and learn, rather than in a intense competition program. Come out and see her. Owners are asking $9,000 negotiable.

Under Saddle 2/11/16-

Roz is located in Apex, NC. Please contact Courtney at to set up an appointment to come see her.

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