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About Courtney

Courtney Vesel


Courtney is certified by the American Riding Instructors Association in Level II Dressage and Stable Management and safety is always a priority in lessons. Courtney has trained under Lizzy Kramer, Lisa Moosmueller- Terry, Heather McCloud, Kendra Kent, Susan Cooper, and Eliza Sydnor and is currently in training with Fie Anderson. She has ridden in and audited clinics by Cesar Parra, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, David Collins, Kay Meredith, Henk Van Bergen, Todd Flettrich, Suzanne Von Dietze, Bernie Traurig, Michael Poulin, Jeremey Steinberg, and Lars Petersen. Courtney's love of horses began at a very early age. She had her first official lesson at the age of 9, and never looked back.  Like most young girls, she grew up riding in the hunter ring, eager to learn, and had her first real dressage experience at a 4H State show as a teen.  She has consistently schooled up to Prix St. George and has schooled the Grand Prix, as well as completely starting several young horses and training them from the ground up. Courtney has a passion for biomechanics and is very interested in how the horse and riders body work together to form a harmonious pair. She uses lots of theory in her lessons, and looks forward to questions from the rider. In addition to her passion for biomechanics, she adores training young horses and loves the process of helping a young immature horse blossom into a happy, mature athlete.  She strives to make dressage fun and loves watching/helping with the partnership process. 


Courtney is currently sponsored by Takt Saddlery, Positive Pulse PEMF, and HALO. 


Takt Saddlery brings unparelled quality and design to the saddle industry and offers exceptional customer service to their customers. My horses LOVE how these saddles fit, I've never seen them move better! 

Libby with Positive Pulse PEMF helps keep my horses in tip-top shape and feeling their best at all times! 

HALO is an oral, liquid form of hyaluronic acid (HA) and helps keep the CV Dressage horses joints well lubricated and enhances their joint health. 


I am honored to have the support of these companies and individuals. Contact me today if you're interested in being a part of the CV Dressage Team! 




2017 CBLM Championships for Third Level Division A-4th place 

USDF Bronze Medal

NCDCTA 70s club on several horses

2016 Qualified Diesel for the 4-5 Year Old Gelding/Stallion Materiale Championships at Dressage at Devon

2014 IDA Nationals- Virginia Intermont College- Champion 

2014 IDA Nationals- Representing Virginia Intermont College at First Level- Team day Individual Champion 

2014 IDA Region H Dressage Seat Equitation First Level Champion

2013 IDA Nationals- Virginia Intermont College- 5th place

2013 IDA Nationals-Representing Virginia Intermont College at Upper Training Level- Team day Individual Champion

2013 IDA Region H Dressage Seat Equitation Upper Training Level Champion

2010 USDF Rider Performance Award in Training Level 

2010 NCDCTA Horse of the Year First Level Jr/Yr 3rd place-Easy Street

2009 NCDCTA Horse of the Year Training Level Jr/Yr Champion-Easy Street




BS in Equine Studies from Virginia Intermont College

Minored in Business Administration

ARIA certified in Level II Dressage and Stable Management

First Aid and CPR Certfied by the American Red Cross

USDF Bronze Medal

Our Horses


Hugo is the CV Dressage schoolmaster. A 1998 model, Hugo is a 16.2 Oldenburg/Thoroughbred gelding. He is extremely sweet and loving retirement. His background includes showing the 3' hunters and winning several NCDCTA Horse of the Year titles for Training and First level dressage. He taught many riders to fine tune their aids, improve their lateral work, work on their postion, and learn to canter.  His favorite treats include honey wheat twisted pretzels, carrots, and sour patch kids!  He loves his occasional trail rides and is an integral part of my young horse training program. He welcomes treats and scratches when you walk by his stall!


Francois is our upper level schoolmaster! Francois raced in both France and the US before finding a new career as a dressage horse. He is schooled through 3rd level and is very sensitive to the riders seat, making him a great teacher for the aids! He looks forward to his daily naps (yes, multiple!) and loves attention! 


Jack is Courtneys competition mount. He is a Friesian/Arabian cross, which means he is adorable and a complete powerhouse! He loves his tempi changes and offers them any chance he can get. He is also a garbage can-he will eat anything he can get his lips on. They are showing 3rd level in the fall of 2017 and they intend to show to PSG in 2018.  


Eros is our new school horse! A 10 yr old dark bay Thoroughbred, he is quiet enough for beginners but has talent to spare. He loves food and holding things in his mouth! 


Duende is our resident baby! She is a 3 year old registered half-andalusian. "Pixie" is adorable, a little hesititant at first but then turns very inquisitive and brave. She is on track to be started under saddle this winter and is currently offered for sale!


Raider was our beginner school horse. He did a little bit of everything in his life, including eventing, western trail riding, and now dressage lessons! His laid back demeaner made him perfect to teach kids on although his favorite gait was halt. He loved his daily carrots! 


We sadly lost Raider on August 11, 2017. Rest                                                                 easy buddy. Thank you for being an amazing                                                                 teacher. 

Our Team

Courtney is proud to have veterinarian Dr. Lynn Gomes, farrier Joey Hite, PEMF Specialist Libby Head, and Takt Saddlery as part of the CV Dressage team! They all bring years of experience, professionalism,  dedication, pride in what they do, and lots of horse sense to the table to make sure the horse is always performing at their best and feeling great!

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Courtney Vesel

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