CV Dressage is proud to add PEMF to our list of provided services. I believe that this addition ties in extremely well with my biomechanics philosophy and will help horses and their riders feel, and perform, at their best. 


Promotional price for the first treatment through September 30

$100- Includes full equine body, legs, and a 30 minute Human session


Regular Pricing

$100-Full equine body

$115- Full equine body plus legs

$50- 30 minute human session

How does it work:

PEMF stands for “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field” Therapy. A PEMF device creates a gently pulsing electromagnetic field which restores health of horses at a cellular level by stimulating cell metabolism.

The PEMF device sends a pulsing magnetic field through a soft, flexible rubber coil into the body. As the pulsing magnetic field pulses on, the cell membrane is gently pulled by the magnetic field. On the off phase of the pulse, the cell membrane is relaxed. As the cells expand and relax, the cell membrane becomes more permeable, allowing the cell to release waste, toxins and inflammation and receive oxygen and nutrients. This receiving of oxygen and releasing of waste is what increases the natural charge of the cell. As the cell reaches it’s natural charge, the message of pain to the brain is reduced and the cells return to optimal health. This cellular exercise is what is profoundly beneficial and unique to PEMF.

This cellular exercise is what is profoundly beneficial and unique to PEMF. Because the magnetic wave effects only the cells that have a low level of charge, the damaged cells are the only ones that show pulsing or twitching. Because of this, the PEMF is very effective in locating the damaged cells (areas of soreness).

Conditions that PEMF can assist with

Provide support for a wide range of equine issues.

  • Performance stress & body soreness
  • Soreness of the back, stifle, joints, neck, poll, TMJ, shoulder or hooves
  • Soft tissue injuries – bruised or torn muscles, tendons & ligaments
  • Hoof abscess, stone bruises
  • Conditions of age (Arthritis, Cushings Disease)
  • Systemic illness & immunity issues
  • Anhidrosis
  • Digestive issues
  • Wounds from surgery or injury
  • Bone issues(Normal and non-healing fractures)
  • Laminitis, EMP or Founder
  • Lackluster health or performance
  • Improve behavioral issues associated with stress, mental tension and pain
  • Faster recovery from performance, illness or injury

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